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Account opening requests are offered to gardening centers as well as growers, processers, and authorized cannabis sellers (authorized producers) by the Government of Canada under the Cannabis act. The applicant must fill out the form and return to us. A representative will contact the applicant within 7 business days after receiving the completed form.

After reviewing the documents, a representative of Biofloral will visit the applicant’s place of business, if necessary, to validate the information received. Please note that there might be a delay depending on the region.

Afterwards, the management team will decide as to the approval of the applicant’s account opening request.


Orders for new clients will need to be prepaid for a period that will be determined by Biofloral. After the probationary prepayment period, Biofloral will grant a line of credit with payment terms set to NET 30 days.
Interest of 1% will be charged to the overdue account from day 31. 


Our free shipping offer

To benefit of a free delivery, there is a minimum order fee (taxes excluded) to respect:

  • Quebec and Ontario : 1 500$
  • Ontario (remote area) :  1 750$
  • New-Brunswick and Nova Scotia:  2 500$
  • Newfoundland & Prince Edward Island :  4 000$
  • Prairies :  2 500$
  • British Columbia :  5 000$
  • Vancouver region :  3 500$
  • Yukon and Northwest Territories :  4 500$ 

*Aside from the taxes, items such as Nutri-Mix and Hydroton can’t be included in the minimum amount mentioned above

Additional delivery fees :

  • Your delivery requires an additional service such as an appointment, inside delivery, 2nddelivery, small truck etc.
  • Your delivery requires a truck with tailgate


To benefit from the same-day shipping, all orders completed on the portal or sent to our customer service, must be sent before 12pm (noon) from Monday to Friday. This schedule does not apply to Fridays during the summer period.